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September-October 2000
Volume 2, Number 5
Cover Illustration:
Contrast enhanced, near infrared optical tomography has the potential to provide a wealth of structural and functional information about biological tissue. The cover artistically illustrates contrast-enhanced NIR tomography when taking measurements with an intensity-modulated source. The photon density wavefronts propagate from the source fiber optic to an obscured, elliptic inclusion within the tissue. Exhibiting enhanced contrast via a specialized fluorescent contrast agent, a series of fluorescent photon density wavefronts propagate from the inclusion to a fiber optic detector, which receives the diagnostic information.


Review Article

Developments Towards Diagnostic Breast Cancer Imaging Using Near-Infrared Optical Measurements and Fluorescent Contrast Agents
Daniel J. Hawrysz & Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Brief Article

RhoC Over-Expession Modulates Induction of Angiogenic Factors in Breast Cells
Kenneth L. van Golen, Zhi-Fen Wu, XiaoTan Qiao, LiWei Bao & Sofia D. Merajver
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Research Article

The hTERT Alpha Splice Variant is a Dominant Negative Inhibitor of Telomerase Activity
Lorel M. Colgin, Christen Wilkinson, Anna Englezou, Andrzej Kilian, Murray O. Robinson & Roger R. Reddel
Abstract   Full Article

An Alternate Splicing Variant of the Human Telomerase Catalytic Subunit Inhibits Telomerase
Xiaoming Yi, Dennis M. White, Dara L. Aisner, Joseph A. Baur, Woodring E. Wright & Jerry W. Shay
Abstract   Full Article

8-Cl-adenosine-induced Inhibition of Colorectal Cancer Growth In Vitro and In Vivo
Chris C. Carlson, Rebecca Chinery, Laura L. Burnham & Daniel T. Dransfield
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Targeting and Specific Activation of T Lymphocytes to Melanoma Cells Through Chimeric Anti-GD3 Immunoglobulins-Tcell receptor (IgTCR) Molecules
C. O. Yun, K. F. Nolan, E. J. Beecham, R. A. Reisfeld & R.P. Junghans
Abstract   Full Article

Disruption of Cell Cycle Kinetics by Benzo[a]pyrene: Inverse Expression Patterns of BRCA-1 and p53 in MCF-7 Cells Arrested in S and G2
Brandon D. Jeffy, Eddy J. Chen, Jean M. Gudas & Donato F. Romagnolo
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